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Real Estate Investments

Why invest in real estate?
There's excellent potential for profit in real estate investment. Your profit will depend on your knowledge, your hard work and your ability to plan.

How to make money in real estate investing?
There's no huge secret to making money with real estate investment. However, it's not a get-rich quick scheme.

Essential skills every real estate investor must have
One of the most common attributes of a successful real estate investor is to understand the market and how your niche fits in with that market. Read moere here!

Where can you find the best real estate bargains today?
Where are today's best real estate bargains? Find out the real estate investment tips here!

How to eliminate risk in real estate investment?
There are ways to reduce and even eliminate many of the risks associated with real estate investment. Find out the details here.

How to identify good real estate investment property?
Learn the four tests to identify good real estate investment property here.

The 10 big mistakes novice real estate investors make
There are some common mistakes that novice real estate investors can be avoided if one plans ahead and truly understands what he or she is getting into before investing. Read more here!

Investing in commercial real estate without making mistakes
Read the tips for investing in commercial real estate and the mistakes to avoid here!

Investing in real estate? Locating the elusive motivated seller is key to success
A great real estate deal may seem as though it's a matter of luck, but a good portion of the credit goes to those investors in searching out motivated sellers. Read more here!

Real estate market trend
Find 25 local market trends and movement in US that aim to help you as a home buyer and seller to make a smart and informed decision on home buying or selling.

How to invest in probate real estate?
What is probate real estate? It is one of the most profitable area of real estate investing. Read more here.

What you need to know about probate sales?
Probate sales are priced below market value, but there are a few things you should be aware of before you jump at such a deal.

Buying property in a college town: A savvy investment?
Find out why buying property near a college or university is a smart real estate investment here!

Investing in tax deed sales
What is tax deed sales? Tax deed sales offer great deals to any real estate investor. Find out more here.

REIT (Real Estate Investment Trusts): A Good Real Estate Investment Option?
REIT Funds invest directly in real estate, and are a great way for smaller investors to get involved in large-scale real estate investment. Read more here!

Real Estate News
Find latest real estate news here.

Foreclosure Investment

How to make money buying & selling (flipping) houses?
Learn the basic principles of making money by 'flipping' houses here.

House Flipping: Strategies to succeed in flipping houses in a slumped market
Flippers are hesitant to flip houses in a down market but there is still a market provided that you know how to properly situate your newly flipped house. Read more here!

How to make money buying foreclosure home?
In order to make the most profit from investing in foreclosure properties, it helps to understand the stages of foreclosure, and the possibilities for profit inherent in each one.

Solid tips for getting a good deal on a foreclosure sale
Find the trick to learn how to separate the good deals on a foreclosure sale from the money pits here!

House flipping advice: The best markets to flip a house
Doing House flipping? Find the best place to flip a house here!

The disadvantages of buying a foreclosure
Even if buying a foreclosed house is really appealing, buying a foreclosure has its downsides too. Read about disadvatages of buying a foreclosure here.

Buying foreclosure home at auction: Tips to handle the risks
Find out the tips to handle the risks in buying a foreclosure house at auction sale here!

Short sale foreclosure: What is a short sale in real estate?
Complete short sale information to help you before buying a short sale home. Read more here!

The shortcomings of real estate short sales
A short sale may be profitable to buyers, but there are some shortcomings of real estate short sales that you should definitely be on the lookout for. Read more here!

Critical mistakes not to miss when buying a short sale
Before you even attempt to consider the possibility of buying a short sale, you should make sure you are prepared for various ups and downs of trying to negotiate a short sale transaction.

Tips for obtaining an investor's mortgage
Obtaining an investor's mortgage is not always easy. There are more rules involved in investor mortgages. Learn more here!

Search for Foreclosures Nationwide!

Rental Properties Investment

How to succeed in rental property investment?
More and more people have been discovering the awesome power of rental property investment. Find all the strategies and information you need to succeed in rental property investment here!

Is rental investment a good option for you?
The true profit realized on a rental investment was the appreciation in price the investor was able to receive over time. Find out whether rental investment is right for you.

Avoid the pitfalls of real estate investing
Find out the potential pitfall of assuming every foreclosed, REO or short sale property will be a profitable real estate investment here!

Avoid the seven most common profit killers in investment properties
Rental property can be an excellent investment property. Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes that can impact your bottom line.

Why renting your home may be advantageous?
While it is not advisable for all homeowners to rent out their properties when trying to sell them, but in some cases home rental can be surprisingly advantageous. Find out more here!

Becoming a Landlord: The pros and cons
Thinking of becoming a landlord? Find out the pros and cons first.

What you must know before becoming a landlord?
Becoming a landlord might not seem as simple as you might think. Without careful precautions and planning you could find yourself with a tenant that is nothing short of a nightmare. There are companies around that can help you with things like lien searches so you'd be well advised to either become familiar with this type of work or find someone who can do it for you.

Should you hire a property manager?
When considering investing in rental property; you must consider whether you want to manage the property on your own or should you hire a property manager? Read more here!

Expenses you may not expect as a landlord
Before you rent out your property, learn about the four hidden landlord expenses that you might not expect.

Rental Agreement: All you need to know about rental agreement
Make sure you know the components that the rental agreement must cover here.

Lease options offer multiple profit opportunities
As a real estate investing strategy, lease options produce quick results and allow you to profit several times from the same deal.

Investing in vacation home rentals
Investing in vacation home rental not only allow you to stay at the property but it is also make a great real estate investment. Find out how to buy a vacation home and list your vacation home for rental here!

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